Best Practice for Rapid Delivery Services Delivering Age Restricted Products

The Retail of Alcohol Standards Group (RASG) has always been at the forefront for developing industry guidance, to stay ahead of our ever-changing world to which legislation cannot always keep up. Ensuring that children do not get hold of alcohol is at the heart of what we do.

The rapid delivery sector is one that offers convenience, a very much welcomed service in people’s busy lives. However, there must be a balance and convenience should not be at the expense of ease at which children can get hold of alcohol and other age restricted products such as tobacco.

This guidance is to support rapid delivery businesses and to help them prevent minors from obtaining alcohol, and other age restricted products. It was produced in collaboration with members of the UK Government’s Expert Panel for Age Restrictions. Members of the expert panel included representatives from local and national regulators, retail trade associations, the primary authority network, age verification providers, lawyers and those that work in the regulatory field.

You can view the full guidance here