Responsible Retail Guidance

In December 2014 RASG published guidance on the responsible retail of alcohol in England and Wales. The guidance was the result of unprecedented collaboration between retailers and looks to establish standards for alcohol retailing for the first time. In 2017, to reflect the changing priorities of the Group, focusing on the broader aspects of alcohol retail, the guidance was updated and enhanced include best practice and case studies. Guidance for Northern Ireland and Scotland were also published for the first time.

Our 2023 guidance builds on previous versions, updating legislative text and best practice signposts whilst also referencing new legislation and updated links for easy access by all that use it. We have created separate guidance for England and Wales to reflect the subtle changes between these nations, specifically the implementation of minimum unit pricing in Wales.

These guides continue to establish a high level of standards for retailers to operate to, covering all aspects of alcohol retailing, including the legal and self-regulatory frameworks in which retailers operate, as well as voluntary measures they have agreed to undertake. It is our hope that these guides provide all retailers with an easy to access, useful one-stop source of information for those wanting to improve their standards and become increasingly responsible retailers of alcohol.