Responsible Retail Guidance

New for 2024 – Our Responsible Retail Guides now include a chapter on selling low and no alcohol beverages.

Definitions of ‘alcohol’ for each UK nation, along with ‘low alcohol’ and ‘no alcohol’ are provided so that readers can determine which products are and are not regulated under licensing legislation and can and cannot be sold to people under 18 years. Retailer advice and links to industry guidance are included to aid the continued, responsible retailing of these products.

Our guides have come a long way since their original publication in 2014. Like the members of RASG, the content of our guides has expanded and adapted to ensure that they remain up-to-date and representative of the whole retail industry.

These Responsible Retailing Guides continue to establish a high level of standards for retailers to operate to, covering all aspects of alcohol retailing, including the legal and self-regulatory frameworks in which retailers operate, as well as voluntary measures they have agreed to undertake. It is our hope that these guides provide all retailers with an easy to access, useful one-stop source of information for those wanting to improve their standards and become increasingly responsible retailers of alcohol.