Proxy Purchasing Guidance

In the UK it is illegal to buy alcohol on behalf of anyone under the age of 18.  Purchases of this type are called ‘Proxy’ purchases.

Retailers found to be supplying alcohol to minors, including via proxy purchases, could face a fine and/or have their license removed.

The Retail Alcohol Standards Group (RASG) has developed a new animation and guidance to help retailers tackle the proxy purchasing of alcohol.  Knowing how to correctly identify proxy purchases is fundamental in ensuring that legitimate alcohol sales continue to take place, ensuring minimal disruption to business.

Our animation video informs retailers of the signs that indicate proxy purchasing may be taking place at their store.  Retailers are advised to look for signs of proxy purchases both inside and outside of their premises.

Our easy to read guidance provides retailers with best practice suggestions for preventing proxy sales and details some common scenarios where proxy sales could occur.  Suggestions on how colleagues in stores can respond are also provided.

You can view the full guidance here